Strategy Risk Assessment

If a strategic decision is already taken or a fait-de-complete, but all stakeholders are not yet onboard, Priiva’s process can provide an excellent second opinion. More importantly, the process provides alignment on the action plan and priorities required to make the decision successful.

Priiva’s process will force a debate that is not likely occurring in your existing process. That debate involves a role play of each player in your market and the strategic choices that player will make. This debate is quite enlightening, is not territorial or personal for current executive team dynamics, and actually strengthens your executive relationships rather than straining them.

The outcome is a far more aligned executive team and a set of recommendations required to make the decision successful. Those recommendations will come from the predicted outcomes of the market simulation performed by Priiva’s powerful game theory software. Those recommendations may be similar to those already being contemplated, but will now be prioritized and refined based on the analysis.

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