Industry Consolidation

Operating in a consolidating market always presents unique challenges. Consolidation could be coming from peers or industry giants. Consolidation could be driven by fragmentation, pricing pressure, or expected growth. Consolidation might occur at financial valuation levels or premium valuations. In all cases, organizations should continuously ask themselves, “How and when can the value of the organization be maximized?” The answer to that question lies in a deep understanding of the strategies of others to first determine if the organization is a consolidator itself.

Priiva works with clients on both sides of this issue – how best to go about being a consolidator or how best to optimize your own exit value in the surrounding consolidation . Perhaps even more importantly, the Priiva process can provide insight on exit timing. That is, when can an organization control the timing of its exit and determine its own risk/reward of building additional value versus the conditions that leave the organization susceptible to an unsolicited offer.
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