Strategy Development

What tools and process are used for strategy development in your organization? Gut instinct? Sophisticated market models? Somewhere in-between? Wherever you are in that spectrum, Priiva’s service offerings augment your existing tools and process and provide more insight, confidence, and alignment around your strategic decisions.

Priiva provides a structured and repeatable process for decision making. All the market intelligence is provided by you – you aren’t spending money on brand-name consulting firms who charge a lot to pretend they know your market better than you. We find that our clients have sufficient market intelligence to develop strategy – but the intersection of the interests of all the different players is what can’t be managed without assistance and that is the driving force behind Priiva’s process.

Your market intelligence is captured by Priiva as input to a mathematical simulation of “chessboard moves” that will be made by the all the players in your market. The output delivered back to you is a range of achievable outcomes be those favourable or unfavourable, dynamics between the market players, and recommendations on how you can best optimize your position.

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