Strategy Optimization

Precise. Fast. Aligned.

Precise → Strategic implications for millions of possible outcomes are investigated with high prediction rates.

Fast → Typical investment of executive time is less than 8 hours and project turnaround is usually less than a month.
Aligned → Our software and processes drive team alignment toward optimal, achievable, robust strategies.

What we do.

We use our intimate knowledge of game theory and our experience in the business world to guide clients through a structured process for assessing their business environment and making informed, effective decisions. Our proprietary game theory software takes executive input and creates a model showing the various decision scenarios for the client and their likely outcomes. Using the Priiva decision process we help the client assesses these alternative scenarios and select the decision that brings maximum results to the client.

Unlike many firms that work on a billable hourly basis, Priiva commits to a fixed time frame, a fixed fee, and we deliver what we promise - a strategic plan with clear actionable steps and responses. What’s more, Priiva’s process is efficient and fast: typical engagements involve 6-8 hours of client time and 2-4 weeks to results.

How we do it.

What tools and process are used for strategy development in your organization? Gut instinct? Sophisticated market models? Somewhere in-between? Wherever you are in that spectrum, Priiva’s product and service offerings augment your existing tools and process and provide more insight, confidence, and alignment around your strategic decisions.

Priiva focuses solely on the application of game theory to strategic business decisions. At the core of our solution is proprietary game theory software and techniques for efficiently and effectively modelling the complexities typical to strategic business decisions.
To achieve this result, we help clients thoughtfully and efficiently examine the larger context of their decision, project how a strategic choice they or another stakeholder might make, will impact outcomes and decide in advance how they will respond to gain the best possible advantage.

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