The Priiva Solution

Priiva focuses solely on the application of game theory to strategic business decisions. At the core of our solution is proprietary game theory software and technique for efficiently and effectively managing the complexities typical to strategic business decisions.

To achieve this result, we help clients thoughtfully and efficiently examine the larger context of their decision, project how a decision by themselves or another player will impact their own outcome, and decide in advance how they will respond to gain the best possible advantage.

The Elements that Maximize Results

The Priiva solution has three key elements you can depend on for maximum results: the expertise of our consultants, the reliability of our game theory software, and the effectiveness of our decision process.

Our consultants use their intimate knowledge of game theory and their experience in the business world to guide clients through a structured process for assessing their business environment and making informed, effective decisions. Our proprietary game theory software takes executive input and creates a model showing the various decision scenarios for the client and their likely outcomes. Using the Priiva decision process our consultants help the client assesses these alternative scenarios and select the decision that brings maximum results to the client.

The Questions for debate

Using our process and software, we work to we find answers to four key questions regarding your decision:

• Who are the players?
• What decision choices are available to them?
• What do they need; what choice do they prefer?
• How should your company respond? What choice will deliver the best outcome for your business?

Our process and technology are proven tools for making business decisions with optimum results. We help our clients make winning decisions that deliver the maximum benefits to their company and shareholders.
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