Common Decision Making Pitfalls

Anticipating the moves of other influential players is critical to the success of your strategy; however, it is often challenging to do effectively. The complexity that arises during this kind of analysis is often difficult to manage.

Traditional decision making styles often prove unproductive when dealing with complex strategic decisions. Companies may lean heavily on an overly-structured decision making process, relying on the process to ensure all angles are considered. After much time-consuming analysis and assessment, however, executives fall into "analysis paralysis" unable to extract meaningful actions from the mountains of information.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, executives may move down the path toward a quick decision that fails to adequately assess the situation. This unstructured "shoot from the hip" decision making style often favors the preferences of one or two executives and lacks valuable broad-based input from the executive team - input needed to truly understand the preferences of other influential players.
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