Drucker and other strategy development pundits summarize strategy as the confluence of your internal resources and capabilities with your external environment. It is natural that companies spend more of their strategy development time on the former than the latter. Priiva provides a pragmatic, efficient, and proven process to improve that balance.

There are many uncertainties in business - changing technology, shifting customer needs, emerging competition, acquisition scenarios, and new entrants and business models.

Business leaders work to continually assess their changing business environment and make strategic choices that deliver the best possible outcome for their company. But you cannot do that without carefully considering the expected actions of other players in the market.

The preferences of influential players strongly impact the success of any strategic decision you make. They can render your strategic direction unattainable or make the success of your decision unstable or uncertain. Even the most talented executives have difficulty assessing the strategic business preferences of other influential parties, or the possible sequence of actions they may take.

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