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Dave Taketa is a Principal at Priiva Consulting Corporation. Dave has over 16 years experience applying business management and decision science methodologies. He has conducted major decision support projects in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, from focused multi-million dollar technical design trade-offs to complex, multi-billion dollar corporate business strategy initiatives. A number of these projects included game theory as an integrated solution.

Dave began his career with a successful 20-year engineering track at General Motors Corporation. His technical experience began as design engineer for state-of-art test instrumentation, moving to emissions test facilities design, and then into various operational management positions. He progressed to senior project manager positions in GM's advanced technology development centers before moving on to business decision science.

Dave holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Behavior & Industrial Relations from the University of Michigan. Dave also has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Engineering (Applied) Physics from the University of Michigan
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