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Cecil Shewchuk is a principal in Priiva Consulting Corporation. He has been involved in the founding, development, and management of several advanced technology companies that utilize modelling and simulation software. These have included Sacda Inc., Ek3 Technologies, Decision Dynamics and Open Models Incorporated. Cecil has considerable domestic and international business experience as a senior executive in a number of large advanced technology companies such as Honeywell International and Aspen Technologies and as the principal of his consultant practice for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Shewchuk is an adjunct professor in the faculty of Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. His research specialty has been non-linear system modelling, optimization and simulation, and he has authored many research publications and industrial presentations. Cecil was educated at the University of Saskatchewan (BESc) and Cambridge University, England (PhD, Chemical Engineering).

Cecil serves on the boards of various organizations including the Boys' & Girls' Club, and a number of technology companies.
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