Partnering with Priiva is easy – after all, we’re in the business of understanding competitive and collaborative dynamics.

Priiva Partnering with Strategy Development Firms

This is easy and simple. If you or your firm provides high-value strategy development services and you don’t have a service offering that includes game theory or a robust process for competitive analysis or an environmental scan, then consider Priiva for fulfilling that gap. We respect the incumbent customer relationship and will collaborate in a sub-contractor, co-branded, or referral arrangement. Its always best to begin with a specific client situation and grow the relationship from there.

Priiva Partnering with Strategy Implementation Firms

This is easy and simple too. Priiva is a boutique firm and highly focused. Our client deliverable is usually a jointly prepared Strategic Action Plan. Priiva doesn’t compete for the implementation of that Action Plan which therefore opens many partnering avenues with firms providing strategy implementation services. If you or your firm have clients whose implementation is flawed, delayed, or inconsistent, Priiva’s process can help correct that situation and improve your standing and that of your client.

Priiva Partnering with Research Firms

Priiva can apply its process equally well to an overall market issue, just not for a specific client. Research firms focused on a specific market issue could undertake a game-theory analysis of that issue whereby the deliverable is a research white paper branded and sold by the research firm.

Crowd Sourcing

Priiva’s most recent software innovation focused on making its game theory software usable by mere mortals and not just Gerry, Dan, Bill, Dave, and Cecil. We haven’t yet, but are keen to find a business arrangement whereby we apply the software in a crowd-sourced market research project. Contact us if you’re intrigued .

Priiva Partnering with Strategic Communications Firms

Priiva’s process can be applied to strategic communications issues. Media and Communications firms today rely almost exclusively on polling to test communication strategies and positionings. While polling can be targeted to each interest group, interactions that occur across interest groups is difficult to capture in polling. Priiva’s process can analyze an issue and determine the optimal outcome for a single stakeholder or an optimal outcome for all stakeholders if they were to collaborate. The result is a well defined state diagram of influencer groups, targeted key messages, and sequencing of influence that is required.
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