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In 2009 Worley Parsons, a leading global engineering firm, engaged Priiva to help predict outcomes for one of their key market segments - the Canadian nuclear power industry. Priiva analysis revealed a gloomy forecast for Worley and other suppliers to this industry. The gloomy forecast was based on the combination that AECL’s (Atomic Energy of Canada – the federal Crown Corporation) strategy was to focus on expansion projects outside Canada using their own engineering resources. This would drive the Federal Government to reduce their support of AECL. Further, the analysis revealed a standoff between the provincial and federal governments who both wanted nuclear expansion in Canada but conditional on the support by the other. In total, this would result in an overall decline in the Canadian nuclear industry.

In 2010, these predictions played out true. The Canadian Federal Government announced measures to dispose of AECL and in 2011 it sold the commercial design and marketing business of AECL to SNC-Lavalin. Priiva was contractedThe Priiva analysis gave Worley Parsons a two-year head start in preparing for that event.

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