Alternative Fuels Adoption

Priiva was contracted by an innovative supplier to the alternative fuels market. This supplier was growing weary of the slow adoption of the alternative fuel in question and the resulting slow adoption of their great innovative technology.

Priiva worked with the client and immediately detected substantial regional variation in the incentives provided by USA, European, and Asian governments regarding the alternative fuel. In fact, the USA market was in a “deadlock”, a common market structure detectable by Priiva’s game theory software whereby many players are all waiting on one another before moving forward. Priiva’s software clearly established that no such deadlocks existed in Asia. The client was advised to shift its market development efforts to Asia while maintaining an “advocacy-only” presence in the USA. This issue wasn’t new to the client – in fact had been a a year-long topic of heated debate. In less than five weeks, the Priiva process aligned the entire executive team solidly behind the shift in strategy.
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